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AIS Software – GEOVS

Featuring – 3D Visualisation Technology GEOVS is our range of visualisation and network solutions providing a unique and powerful perspective of any marine domain. Converting information from multiple sensors, such as AIS and Radar into a real time digital 3D environment that you can manipulate and control.

We provide customers with complete system solutions. With access to the complete technology and product portfolio,coupled with unmatched knowledge and experience, our ability to deliver innovative and customised solutions is unrivalled. Our expertise is in providing authorities with solutions to their maritime domain monitoring requirements. From creating a control system for the smallest waterway or port to a national scale system tracking all vessels within your EEZ, our solutions can create a robust and fully interoperable system solution.

  1. GEOVS – Controller
  2. A full maritime domain control room solution incorporating our unique visualisation technology. Full control of your network with administration control features and functions as well as a full array of data display and manipulation features and functions.

  3. GEOVS – Hub
  4. A robust and secure central database solution for data generated by multiple networked sensors. Provides a single secure repository of data which can be accessed by authorised users via the GEOVS- Controller and Viewer platforms.

  5. GEOVS – Viewer
  6. The ultimate in maritime domain awareness visualisation technology. Uniquely intuitive real time 2D and 3D display of AIS and other data. Designed to securely connect to the central data store (hub).

AIS Fleet Tracking



  • Maritime domain awareness systems improve efficiency, safety and security.
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a major technological step forward, providing a reliable, globally adopted communication platform to deliver applications that benefit many market segments.
  • This includes protecting and optimizing activities in your Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Affordable fleet monitoring

Implementing a customised vessel tracking system within available budget.

Giving authorities control of their fleet

Our vessel tracking system is designed to offer affordable, yet guaranteed fleet monitoring. The use of multiple technologies permits our system to be easily deployed along any coastline no matter the availability of coast monitoring locations – minimum cost, maximum functionality.

Rugged Vessel Transceivers

We offer a wide range of vessel transceivers suitable for installation on any vessel of any size or type. Each offers a wide range of security, installation and other configurable options to enable an optimised, proven and reliable solution that are practical for large or small scale rollouts.

Intelligent System Architecture

Our system merges terrestrial AIS and satellite sourced data transmitted by your vessels into a secure, powerful database located at a site of your choosing. Intelligent and highly configurable, our core system architecture is robust and scalable to suit your specific requirements.

Advanced display technology

Our advanced, intuitive and digitally enhanced 2D and 3D display solutions enable you to quickly make sense of the monitoring data, highlighting activities and areas which are of interest to you. This all translates into enhanced maritime domain awareness.

How it works

Our vessel tracking system offers guaranteed real time coverage, enabling you to track any vessel anywhere, any time and with complete integrity at an affordable cost.

This proven system offers you a guaranteed level of performance to suit your budget, in terms of how often the status of any given vessel is updated. This places you in full control of both your marine domain and your budget. Our system achieves this through the seamless fusion of terrestrial AIS and satellite technologies and built in vessel transceiver and system intelligence, automatically configuring themselves to minimise your operating costs.

Guaranteed service level

You determine how often each vessel, or group of vessels, provide a status report.
The system then intelligently guarantees this service level. You are in control.


The system is modular and highly configurable. It can be scaled from a single port or strategic
area to a national fleet tracking system across an entire EEZ and beyond. You decide.


Next generation, intuitive digital display technology combined with configurable features
allows the system to be customised for your specific requirements. Have what you want

Key Features and Functions

Our system offers a wide range of features and functions built around a stable core data processing system. These can be changed, configured and refined to suit individual requirements.

  • Advanced real time 3D display of your marine domain
  • Traditional chart display
  • Comprehensive vessel data, images and owner database
  • Historical tracking records and replay
  • GEO (software) fence alerts
  • Dynamic vessel filtering
  • Activity analysis tools
  • Vessel polling and remote over the air interrogation capability
  • Guaranteed service level
  • Multiple user access to data
  • Encrypted transmissions option for total security


  1. Your AIS decoder works very well; would like some more regional message type 6 and 8′s. Will contact you directly. Thank you, John

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