AITS-R – AIS Installation Test Set – Legacy Equipment (DISCONTINUED)

Our new product range and solution software can be viewed here!

Manufacturing of the AITS-R was discontinued late 2012 due to obsolete components.

Download documents and software

1. Product Verification (calibration) procedure, notes and certificate (example)

  • A competent local technical establishment can download and perform the verification (“calibration”) procedure.
  • It is strongly recommended that you download the latest software and upgrade your AIS-R before product verification (“calibration”).

2. Operational and Technical Manual and Application Notes.

3. Software build 20110725 (latest) and upgrade procedure.

Should you require factory Product Verification (calibration), please contact Sine Qua Non Technology Holdings directly.
You can use the following email addres:

Sine Qua Non Technology Holdings – How To Return A Unit To AIS Test Workshop

Go to the Sine Qua Non Technology Holdings website and complete the Return Manufacturers Authorization Process