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Improve your yachting or boating experience. While you focus on the enjoyment thereof, let our NMEA devices work for you. NMEA 2000 is a plug-and-play communications standard used for connecting marine sensors, AIS, RADAR, VHF radios and display systems within ships and boats. All sensors and navigation devices can be monitored from one central point, thereby improving safety of lives. Your monitor point can be extended to your smart phone, iPad or notebook.

Yacht Devices NMEA 0183 WiFi Router YDWR-02

NMEA 0183 WiFi Router

Product Code: YDWR-02
The YDWR-02 WiFi Router is a smart NMEA 0183 and SeaTalk multiplexer which also allows you to see data from marine devices on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 J1708 Engine Gateway YDES-04

NMEA 2000 J1708 Engine Gateway

Product Code: YDES-04
The NMEA 2000 J1708 Engine Gateway is designed to connect engines with a J1708 serial interface to the NMEA 2000 network.

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateway YDWG-02

NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway

Product Code: YDWG-02
The NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway allows you to see data from a NMEA 2000 marine digital network on a PC, smartphone or similar device.

Yacht Devices Circuit Control NMEA 2000 Digitial Switch YDCC-04

Circuit Control

Product Code: YDCC-04
The Circuit Control NMEA 2000 Digitial Switch contains four latching (bi-stable) relays, which can be managed from connected control buttons with LED indicators.

Yacht Devices NMEA2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04

Voyage Recorder

Product Code: YDVR-04
The NMEA 2000 Voyage Recorder YDVR-04 records audio, GPS data, AIS data and other sensor data (wind, depth, temperature, etc.) connected to the NMEA 2000 network.

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Digital Thermometer YDTC-13

Digital Thermometer

Product Code: YDTC-13
The NMEA 2000 Digital Thermometer YDTC-13 measures a range from -55 to +125°C (-67 to +257°F), accuracy ±0.5°C. It can measure the temperature of gases or liquids.

Yacht Devices Digital Barometer YDBC-05

NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer

Product Code: YDBC-05
The NMEA 2000 Digital Barometer is intended for measuring atmospheric pressure within the range from 300 to 1100 hPa or mbar (225 to 825 mmHg)

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway-YDEG-04

NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway

Product Code: YDEG-04
NMEA 2000 Engine Gateway is a marine electronics network interface for Volvo Penta, BRP Rotax and J1939 engines.

Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Humidity Sensor YDHS-01

NMEA 2000 Humidity Sensor

Product Code: YDHS-01
The Humidity Sensor provides chart plotters and displays with humidity, air temperature readings and calculated dew point temperature.

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